• Art direction
    Creative conception in all digital and classic media
  • Graphic design
    Layouts, campaign looks, webdesign, screendesign, corporate design, logotypes, packaging design
  • Illustration
    Digital and analog artworks, poster art, cover art, game design, character design, book & magazine illustrations and everything we can imagine together


  • Cyroline
  • Jung von Matt AG
  • Neuwerter GmbH
  • marktrausch GmbH
    since 2016
  • and many freelance projects

Hello wanderer, sit down and join me a while.

And let me introduce myself before I get down to the basics:
My name is Björn and I was born in Northern Germany, Lübeck, deep in the eighties in 1983. Anyway, it must have been a wild time since I still get some weird inspiration for some of my designs.

Yes, I love design and maybe you already mentioned it. So far I worked as designer and art director for a fashion label, small advertising agencies and very big advertising agencies in Hamburg, Lübeck and Kiel.
I learned my trade and I used it in many ways.
When I don’t work for agency clients I usually focus on the realization of handpicked projects or gather new inspiration: music, subcultures & popcultures, art exhibits, people on the streets, architecture, travels – this all keeps me and my work breathing.

Well, why don’t meet (in person or in ones and zeros) and figure out how we can bring your ideas to a live concept? Otherwise: Live long and prosper! Cheers!

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